April 24, 2016

Books & Authors

booksauthorsInstead of watching TV, why not pick up your pet, grab a book,
and snuggle up on the couch next to the fire place.

Here’s our list of compelling, animal related literary works.

Author: Sarah Hodgson
Type: Non-fiction Instructional Guide
Synopsis: Information guide for training
your puppy during their first years at home.

Author: Sarah Pennypacker
Type: Fiction Children’s Novel
Synopsis: A novel about the powerful
relationship between a boy and his fox.

Author: Linda Kohanov
Type: Non-fiction Journal
Synopsis: A woman’s journey of healing & transformation through the way of the horse.

Author: Cat Warren
Type: Non-fiction Journal
Synopsis: A firsthand exploration of the extraordinary abilities of working dogs.

Authors: R. Layton, L. Erspamer, K. Culp
Type: Non-fiction Journal
Synopsis: A heartfelt compilation of letters and portraits written by owners to their pets.

Author: Alexandra Horowitz
Type: Non-fiction Science
Synopsis: An exploration of how dogs perceive the world through their nose.

Author: Sara Driscoll
Type: Fiction
Synopsis: An FBI special agent and K-9 work together to locate a deadly killer.

Authors: Sue Pethick
Type: Fiction
Synopsis: A loving owner takes her terminally ill Golden retriever on his last adventure.

Author: W. Bruce Cameron
Type: Fiction
Synopsis: A dog keeps being reborn learning lessons that will help with his next life.

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